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Want to be Debt Free?
We Provide Debt Solutions for Women.

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Secure your car and home against repossession.

Consolidate and reduce your debt.

Revive your credit profile, restore your finances.

We pay when you can't

We pay when you can’t.

The Zeeva Process
Take the first step by requesting your complimentary debt assessment and one of the Zeeva consultants will call you.

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Privacy Policy
Our all-women team of debt specialists uses their professional experience to negotiate with your creditors for an improved, consolidated, repayment plan that is drastically reduced.
When we reorganise your finances you will get:
Added-value cover against Retrenchment, Maternity Leave, Disability, Death and Identity Theft with our Income Rescue Tool.
Much-needed financial breathing space.
A reduction of up to 60% on your monthly debt repayments.
A well-trained Client Care team.
A free debt check.
A professional budget for your household’s expenses.
A consolidated repayment plan.
Protection against legal action from creditors.
You will receive the support and tools you need to repay your debt while staying on top of your essential living costs. Giving you the chance to completely repair your finances.
While repairing your finances you will receive:
Login details to our online Client Portal to check your progress.
A secure means of distributing your payments to your creditors.
Protection against legal action from creditors.
A well-trained Client Care team.
A Clearance Certificate with the completion of your program - which is used to clear your credit record.
Debt Review
Benefits of Debt Review for Women

Protect income from retrenchment, maternity leave and more...

Assurance that your family’s critical expenses are cared for.

Equip you to accomplish well-deserved financial stability.

Stop creditors from taking legal action, including repossession.


Unfortunately, not. The National Credit Act does not allow a person who is busy with the Debt Review process to get more credit.

It makes sense, since credit equals debt, and at this stage adding any more debt to your circumstances will most likely be detrimental to your finances for years to come.

Also, your new and reduced instalment – which is approved by the Magistrate’s Court – is calculated to the cent according to your current debt repayments and your vital monthly expenses.

Changing it will not only break your court agreement but also negatively affect your cash flow.

The good news is that once you have completed our program you, your creditors and the credit bureaus will receive a Clearance Certificate. Your creditors and the credit bureaus are then required by law to remove your Debt Review listing from your credit profile. So, you will be able to apply for credit with your new, clear, credit record.

Build your debt-free legacy.
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Debt Consolidation
Benefits of Debt Consolidation for Women

Pay up to 60% less on your monthly debt repayments.

Streamline finances by combining your debts into one account.

Keep your family’s expenses in check with a professionally built budget.

Cover against maternity leave, retrenchment and much more...


No, our program is the safer choice to consolidate debt. It is not a loan.

Consolidation loans might seem like a great option but in the end, they add to your debt worries. Not only is it added debt through an extra loan, but it usually has very high-interest rates and expensive admin fees. What you also need to consider is that a consolidation loan does not offer you any legal protection against creditors.

That is why we rather recommend using our Debt Consolidation program to, not only combine debt into a consolidated repayment plan but to also reduce that monthly repayment plan. This enables you to pay your debt, as well as your essential living costs. Plus, our program offers protection against legal action from your creditors, including repossession.

Thank you so much for the help you have given me. You and Zeeva have helped so much. At least there is some hope for me now.

– Priya

Debt Counselling
Benefits of Debt Counselling for Women

A proven and safe way to legitimately fix your credit profile.

Reduce financial strain by reducing your monthly debt instalment.

Legal protection from the National Credit Act against creditors.

Secure your instalments against retrenchment, maternity leave, death etc.


Yes, you are required to pay service fees since we are a professional company.

But, all our costs are worked into your monthly repayment plan, so there are no hidden costs or the hassle of an upfront fee. And because it is strictly regulated by the National Credit Act you can be assured that it will be kept to a minimum.

Our cost is formulated around your debt, and your unique situation, so your fees will be different from other ladies in the program.

The fees include:

  • Debt Counselling Fee
  • Credit Life Insurance Fee
  • Aftercare Fee
  • Legal Fee
  • Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) Fee

Our team will gladly provide you with your fee structure before you make a decision about entering our program.

Tackle debt with confidence.
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