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We are a professional Debt Management company for women, based in South Africa and registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).
At Zeeva we have an all-women team of qualified debt specialists, each with a specific field of expertise to (1) ensure your debt management program suits your needs, (2) sort out all the necessary admin and (3) provide you with guidance and feedback throughout the program so that you can take back control of your finances.
The Zeeva company values include:

Striving to always stay worthy of our client's trust.

To always serve our clients with distinction.

Empowering our clients to become governors of their finances.

Understanding that each client has her own unique story and should be respected as an individual.

Recognising that each client should be treated with compassion and understanding.

Debt free me.
Registration Number NCRDC2182
Privacy Policy
How the Zeeva Program Works
Take the first step by requesting your complimentary debt assessment and one of the Zeeva consultants will call you.

Registration Number NCRDC2182
Privacy Policy
Our all-women team of debt specialists uses their professional experience to negotiate with your creditors for an improved, consolidated, repayment plan that is drastically reduced.
When we reorganise your finances you will get:
Added-value cover against Retrenchment, Maternity Leave, Disability, Death and Identity Theft with our Income Rescue Tool.
Much-needed financial breathing space.
A reduction of up to 60% on your monthly debt repayments.
A well-trained Client Care team.
A free debt check.
A professional budget for your household’s expenses.
A consolidated repayment plan.
Protection against legal action from creditors.
You will receive the support and tools you need to repay your debt while staying on top of your essential living costs. Giving you the chance to completely repair your finances.
While repairing your finances you will receive:
Login details to our online Client Portal to check your progress.
A secure means of distributing your payments to your creditors.
Protection against legal action from creditors.
A well-trained Client Care team.
A Clearance Certificate with the completion of your program - which is used to clear your credit record.
The Zeeva team is ready to assist you with your debt. So rather than focusing your energy on staying afloat, you can focus your energy on your family, your career and yourself.
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