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Reduced Monthly Instalments

Legal Protection Against Creditors

Family's Essential Expenses Covered

A Consolidation Loan Isn't Your Only Option.

We Offer Women a Safer Way to Consolidate Debt.

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Here Are the Benefits of Combining Your
Debt Through Our Debt Review Program:

Reduced monthly instalments by up to 60%.

Legal protection against creditors.

Family's essential expenses covered.

Guidance from your personal Relationship Manager.

A restored credit record on the completion of the program.

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Consolidation Loans Are Risky

Information to Consider Before Making Your Decision...

The debt cycle.

Getting a loan, which is debt in itself, to pay off debt is not a sustainable solution to debt problems. In fact, we have seen many people end up in more debt through a consolidation loan.

High-interest rate.

When over-indebted it is nearly impossible to qualify for a consolidation loan, and even if you qualify you will have to keep up with high-interest rates and admin fees.


Some use their property as collateral for their consolidation loan. But the risk of putting your home in the mix when already struggling with repayments could end in repossession.

Why Consolidating Debt With Zeeva Is a Safer Option

Our Debt Review Tool Is Made to Consolidate and Protect.

Your best interest.

Not only do we combine your debt into one consolidated monthly repayment, but we also drastically reduce the monthly amount so that you can experience much-needed breathing space.

A journey together.

With consolidation loans, you are pretty much on your own. But with Zeeva you’ll have your own debt professional who will negotiate with your creditors and help you to better manage your cash-flow.

Legal protection.

During your journey with Zeeva, you will be legally protected against your creditors. Keeping your home, car and assets safely yours throughout the program.

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Making the Right Choice Can Be Intimidating.

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