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Learn More About Debt Review For Women

A practical solution to over-indebtedness that is recognised by the National Credit Act (NCA) as a reliable legal process that completely restores your cash flow and credit record.

How It Works

debt review (also known as debt counselling)

Debt Solution

It’s a legal process, supported by the NCA, which aims to restore your finance when you find yourself unable to keep up with debt repayments, falling more and more into arrears.

Debt Consolidation

The process revises your debt repayments into an affordable, consolidated plan, where you could pay up to 60% less per month on your current debt repayment.

Essential Expenses Covered

Your monthly budget is improved so that it enables you to pay for your family’s essential living costs.

Legal Protection Against Creditors

Your new repayment plan is agreed upon by your creditors – we negotiate on your behalf – and approved by the court. Meaning that your instalments and assets (like your car and home) are protected by law during the process. No repossession, no legal action.

Total Financial Rehabilitation

Once the process is completed, you’ll receive a clearance certificate. This is used by the credit bureaus and creditors to clear any and all blacklistings. Leaving you with a healthy and clean credit record.

More info available with your complimentary debt assessment. No commitment required just a call to answer any questions you might have.

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Zeeva is a registered NCR provider

Zeeva is a registered NCR provider

Registration Number NCRDC2182

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Know Who to Trust

Always check whether a debt review/debt counselling company is registered with the National Credit Regulator.
This ensures that you, and your money, stay protected during the process and that the process is applied in accordance with the National Credit Act.


Zeeva's NCR number is NCRDC2182

Benefits Exclusive To Zeeva Clients

With debt review as the core of our all-female debt management program, we also incorporated the following extras to secure the best possible service and outcome:

A highly trained Relationship Manager who is your personal point of contact throughout the program.

Credit Linked Insurance that fits into your new budget and provides debt cover during retrenchment, illness or death.

The Zeeva Client Portal where you can check your program's progress, log inquiries, update your info or connect with your Relationship Manager.

SMS: Your Name & Yes to 30967
(free sms)

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